Monday, December 31, 2012


Today is our anniversary. Nick and I have a good marriage: nothing dramatic, full of love. I don't have any tips to offer- I have no idea what "marriage" means for other couples. I'm sure they fight differently than us, show affection differently, have fun in other ways. For us, marriage means forever; it means forgiveness; it means love. I don't mean the I-cant-wait-to-jump-your-bones kind of love {although, that is what got us into bed with each other. Literally :) }

For Nick, love means drinking your coffee black at 5:30 am so that I can have the last bit of cream when I get up at 7:00 (who am I kidding? When I get up at 8:00)

Love means taking Noëlle to the dentist every four months because it makes me sad.

Love means taking Noëlle to speech therapy every week to give me a break.

Love means buying me a Christmas gift even though we agreed only to buy for the kids.

Love means spending a small fortune on a giant book shelf to house all my books that I refuse to part with.

Love means getting up with the kids on his morning off so I can sleep in.

Love means taking the dog to the vet, because that makes me sad too.

Love is watching the movie "Serenity" again, and not complaining because its my turn to pick the movie.

Love means its almost always my turn to pick the movie.

Love is clearing the snow off my car, saving the only Pepsi for me, and ordering Canadian pizza without mushrooms.

Love means cooking supper on the BBQ when I'm tired, cleaning the toy room while I'm in the sauna, washing all the floors after I go to bed, and taking over "Time Out" duty when he gets home from work.

I love the way he loves!

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