Thursday, June 30, 2011

90 Day Coin

     Hello! My name is Rachel. ( Welcome Rachel!)  I am an addict. (low murmurs and seat shifting) It has been 90 days since I've had my last Pepsi. (eruption of applause and whistles) It's still one day at a time for me (" I hear ya"... "me too sista") but I'm pretty proud of myself- Thanks for all you support! (more clapping, some hugging, and bad coffee shared by all.)

     So this is how my last Pepsi Drinkers Anonymous meeting would have went if it existed. I may have embellished slightly, I don't think it's been 90 days yet; but I'm at the point where I don't need a Pepsi every day to get through the day. Ironically enough, I think this pregnancy has saved me from a life of servitude to Pepsi Inc. My stomach is too weak for anything other than water or, maybe on a good day, watery iced tea. I'm confident that eventually I will be able to enjoy the odd Pepsi with a pizza without worrying that I'll spiral out of control and drink a whole case in a weekend (its been done many a time before.)

                                         {Morning Sickness Break- Apologies!}

     I'm feeling terrible today. I didn't take the morning sickness pills last night as I wanted to see if it has passed hasn't. I was hoping at the 12 week mark it would bugger off. Thankfully I have a dozen refills on the prescription.

     I just looked back on my list of life changes that I want to I'm not doing so great. Basically the Pepsi thing is my only real achievement; and to be frank, I never really intended to follow through with that one! lol go figure...
Now that I'm feeling better (well besides today) I'm going to get back on track and be genuine in my efforts.

    Ok, the smell of Saku's dog food is making me gag so I have to cut this blog short and go upstairs. Jesus, how does he eat that shit?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Lives: The Post Philly Era

     We've had a few days at home from our conference in Philadelphia now to return to our regular routine and to internalize everything we've learned at the numerous workshops we participated in. I'm having a difficult time deciding how I feel about our week there.

     The nine hour drive there went surprisingly well. We left at 4am thinking the kids would go back to sleep and nap periodically. Turns out that was a very (foolish?) optimistic plan. They were awake the entire time...or so I was told- I'm way smarter than the kids and went back to sleep about 15 meters away from our house.

     We got a better rate at another hotel (half price) so we weren't staying at the hotel where the actual conference was staying. We were about 15 minutes away a.k.a 75 minutes with traffic. So we won't be doing that next time. We did have a kick ass pool though...

     I don't know what we were thinking; we had everyone in the same room- Nick, myself, Noelle, and Dryden. Noelle decided that Thursday night was an inappropriate night to sleep and was up all night. Therefore, so was I. I kicked everyone out of the room at 8am for breakfast and went back to bed until noon. So that shot almost an entire day of workshops for me.

     The workshops themselves (the ones I was able to attend) were fine. I was disappointed that the few things I really wanted more info on (ie: sleep, CVI, how to attain funding for therapies and programming) were not touched upon at all. I loved the potty training one. I wish I had been able to leave with more information.

     We were super fortunate that Nick's parents came with us to help with the kids; the entire experience would have been (terrible?) without their help. They have no choice but to come next time too...or we are leaving the kids at home (with them lol.)

     I also didn't get an awful lot of time to socialize with other parents. The workshops were from 9 am until 6 pmish and then by the time we went for supper, and a swim and got the kids ready for bed...well that was my night. I stayed in the room with the kids every night and Nick went to the bar and drank and hung out until last call. (Did that come across as bitter and resentful? Hmmm...)

     The ride home was somehow two hours longer- what the hell?- and not nearly as smooth as the ride there. We watched about 349 hours of "Toy Story" and navigated our way through countless tantrums (ever try to throw a temper tantrum while strapped into a car seat? Just pisses the kid off even more and extends the period of misery for everyone in the car.)

     Although I have mixed feelings about this conference, I do feel as though it has lit a fire within me to do more; to push harder for Noelle and to be less complacent; to fundraise more for the lesser funded therapies and programming. [Noelle waited two years on a waiting list to see a speech therapist. I now realize that I should have been outraged and furious. No one should have to wait that long for such a vital developmental tool.] Both Nick and I are excited to become more involved with the Dup 15q Alliance and to take a more active role in the next conference.

     All in all, it was a worthwhile experience and worth the trouble and frustration and we will eagerly do it all over again in two years. We know what worked for us this time and what didn't and are now that much more prepared.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Prepping for Philly!

     I spent the sum of my morning and early afternoon running around completing and crossing things off my extensive list of Things To Do and Things To Pick Up in preparation for our week long trip to Philadelphia. We are packing the kids in the truck, (along with an exorbitant amount of shit that we probably won't even use) and driving 8 hours in the middle of the night to attend a conference for Idic15 families. It's our first opportunity to meet and network with other families with children like our Noelle and to access professionals, and experts who specialize in these type of chromosomal abnormalities. Normally I would have been far more organized and prepared for this trip- I would have had numerous lists, actually, I would have had a list to organize all my lists...but I've been fighting off morning sickness and haven't even felt like it. Hence the hustling today.

     While shopping, I was horrified to notice that I may already be showing; for my first pregnancy, I was six months along before anyone could tell I was renting my womb out to a hungry little monster. For my son, I think it wasn't until I was a little over three months along before the tell-tale belly showed itself. Now, however, I am in that awkward stage of pregnant where I don't quite looking preggers- just fat and unkept. I kept alternating between sucking in (people who see me think to themselves, "She's a bit pudgy but not gargantuan.") and jutting my belly out to exaggerate the baby bump (people who see me think, "Aw! Pregnant!") It was exhausting. When I got to the cash I was too preoccupied with my order to realize that the cashier was a hot 19 year old guy until I was face to face with him. I panicked, not knowing whether to suck in or jut out- I think I tried to do both simultaneously...and just farted. Loudly. I tried to give an almost inperceivable jerk of my head to indicate that it was the older woman beside me...but I don't think it worked- why would I be blushing scarlet if she farted?

     And that was my glamorous day...jealous?

Friday, June 10, 2011

The More the Merrier

     Apparently, I am the type of person who needs multiple time consuming projects on the go, and precarious little spare time for myself in order to fill my days lately. Which is odd, because I normally Ioath and avoid super ambitious/obnoxious over-achievers like that. They tend to make me look bad and feel guilty. I think its my Christian upbringing; I was bred to feel guilty about everything. I feel contrite for even writing that...We thought it was a brilliant idea putting both our house here in Moose Creek, and our cottage nestled in the hills of Tremblant up for sale at the same time. We failed to factor in the meticulous cleaning that would be required and the house viewings. And the amount of time spent begging and bribing the kids not to lick the walls, block the toilets with dinky cars, wipe their noses on the curtains, color on the cupboard doors, or finger paint on the wainscoting with chocolate pudding.

     We also discovered that I am pregnant, and we will be welcoming our third baby early in the New Year. Normally, I would have liked to wait until after the first trimester to tell people that I'm preggers but I've been so frigging sick that its been hard to maintain the lie that I have the flu. It doesn't usually last for five weeks. I felt guilty every time I lied to someone. Actually, the first person I lied to called me on it. I told her I wasn't drinking at a wedding because I was on antibiotics and Sasha said, "Hhmm...I think you're actually pregnant- but we can pretend." I've had to bail out of social commitments due to the fact that I'm afraid to venture more than 30 odd feet from the bathroom. My days thus far have consisted of eating very little bland food, throwing it up, playing half assed with the little ones and napping. Lots of napping and ginger ale. I've never been this sick with my other pregnancies. I went to my doctor's today for my first check up and caved in when she asked if I wanted anything for the nausea. I launched my prescription over the counter at the pharmacist today and simply said, "I just wanna eat some lunch. Please, give me pills that will let me eat lunch." Sure, I could have handled that with a bit more couth...lesson learned. I've been trying to prepare Dryden for a new little brother or sister and somehow convey that fact that I have a baby inside me; I point to my belly and say, "Baby." I don't think he got it- he later pointed at my bum and said "Baby?" Although, yes, at the moment there may or may not be ample room for a baby to reside there, I think we need further anatomy lessons.

     So in short, I am looking forward to not vomiting anymore, and maybe feeling like staying up past 8 pm to write a few more blogs. I wish our friggin' house would sell already so we can move to our new place before I am ginormous and have to depend on Nick to pack and organize everything (there's an ugly scene waiting to happen: hormonal me + randomly packed, unorganized boxes = Nick being yelled at, I'm certain.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two very different Milestones

     Something terrifying happened this evening after we tucked the little ones into bed, closed their doors tightly behind us, and retreated into the bathroom to tidy up after an energetic and messy bath time. I was folding towels and Nick was rinsing the tub and shower curtain and wringing out the soggy stuffed puppy that Dryden insisted accompany him into the bubbly water, when we heard a tiny "hi" from the doorway. Now, Nick is super scared of ghosts so he spun around with a hilarious "wtf?" look on his face as I just stood there open mouthed...looking at Noelle coming into the bathroom. Shit. She knows how to open her door now. The bitchy Walmart greeter will see us bright and early tomorrow morning when we go to buy kiddie door knob locks. She was rewarded for her great escape act with an extra hour downstairs playing- really, I just wanted her sleepier when she went to bed so the likelihood that she'd sneak out again would be lessened. We'll have to put the baby gate up at the top of the staircase tonight after we go to bed- just in case.

     I'm not doing very well with my weight loss- I didn't lose anything this week :( But I realize that I also don't feel well and so I skipped Zumba two weeks in a row and haven't been walking at night or gardening in the afternoon while the kids nap- I've been napping right along with them instead. I'm sooo close to my 20 pound milestone. aggravating.

     I'm actually not feeling great right now, so I'll save the rest of what I was going to write for my next blog. I'm going to take a bath (making sure to lock the door so Noelley doesn't barge in and hop in the tub with me.) Surely a good night's sleep will make for a better tomorrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What I love: The Toddler Version

     Nine temper tantrums today...for Dryden, six more for Noelle. I'm beginning to wonder if my Time Outs are an effective means of deterrence. I long to return to the days when it was acceptable to whomp your kids when they were bad. Then again, I am a child from the "Whomp Years" and they weren't really that great for behaviour modification; a good smack upside the head usually only served as great motivation for me to exact revenge. Today, after the final hissy fit- I realized that I will need a list, a reference if you will, to remind me periodically as to why I think (most days) that my toddlers are cute and deserving of my affection, not a satisfying smack

                                                 What I Love About My Toddlers

1- Their chubby feet look so cute in sandals.
2- Bath time. We've never had a grumpy "tubby time" Something about bubbles and communal bathing equals a good time had by all.
3- How hilarious they look when they first start walking- like they just dismounted from a horse, legs wide apart and wobbly. We call them "The Cowboys of St Polycarp Street."
4- Teaching them about body parts and laughing when they mess it up. Our son loves pointing out the body parts he knows on the dog, but he butchers it sometimes; Saku had a "peepee" where his nose should have been and "toes" on his forehead. And we should explain to him that Saku is a boy dog and does not have a "nunny."
5- How they insist on helping with the chores. I think its important to get them in the routine of doing chores at a young age. However, a full size broom is potentially lethal in the hands of a toddler, a child size dusting rag is easily fed to the dog, and loading the dishwasher is an hour long event.
6- How Noelle copies everything we do; every noise I make is imitated. She puts on Nick's hat and copies him too (at least that's what I assume she's doing because she keeps scratching her ass :) )
7- The amazing power of imagination. I love watching Dryden set up a tea party in front of the dog and chat away with him, giving him sips of tea and sharing marshmallows with him; lining up his stuffed animals on the couch and giving them all books to read; taking our laptop on the floor and typing his "homework" on there. Today he taught his baby doll how to blow kisses.
8- How proud they looked after we put away the highchairs and set them up in booster chairs at the table to eat with us.
9- Our first attempt at potty training. Dryden- buck naked- on the potty poking his "peepee" and giggling (typical male) and Noelle booting the potty across the tiny powder room and refusing to sit on it. Both experiences were equally funny.
10- It is a near frenzy every time that the school bus stops in front of our house. The excitement they experience is palpable. There is massive amounts of waving, and blowing kisses, and buh-byes!
11- We finally found a show they like- Elmo's World. Dryden sits in the corner of the couch with a pillow behind him and sits so quiet (and still!) I've never seen him sit in one spot for so long before...