Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two very different Milestones

     Something terrifying happened this evening after we tucked the little ones into bed, closed their doors tightly behind us, and retreated into the bathroom to tidy up after an energetic and messy bath time. I was folding towels and Nick was rinsing the tub and shower curtain and wringing out the soggy stuffed puppy that Dryden insisted accompany him into the bubbly water, when we heard a tiny "hi" from the doorway. Now, Nick is super scared of ghosts so he spun around with a hilarious "wtf?" look on his face as I just stood there open mouthed...looking at Noelle coming into the bathroom. Shit. She knows how to open her door now. The bitchy Walmart greeter will see us bright and early tomorrow morning when we go to buy kiddie door knob locks. She was rewarded for her great escape act with an extra hour downstairs playing- really, I just wanted her sleepier when she went to bed so the likelihood that she'd sneak out again would be lessened. We'll have to put the baby gate up at the top of the staircase tonight after we go to bed- just in case.

     I'm not doing very well with my weight loss- I didn't lose anything this week :( But I realize that I also don't feel well and so I skipped Zumba two weeks in a row and haven't been walking at night or gardening in the afternoon while the kids nap- I've been napping right along with them instead. I'm sooo close to my 20 pound milestone. aggravating.

     I'm actually not feeling great right now, so I'll save the rest of what I was going to write for my next blog. I'm going to take a bath (making sure to lock the door so Noelley doesn't barge in and hop in the tub with me.) Surely a good night's sleep will make for a better tomorrow.

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