Thursday, June 30, 2011

90 Day Coin

     Hello! My name is Rachel. ( Welcome Rachel!)  I am an addict. (low murmurs and seat shifting) It has been 90 days since I've had my last Pepsi. (eruption of applause and whistles) It's still one day at a time for me (" I hear ya"... "me too sista") but I'm pretty proud of myself- Thanks for all you support! (more clapping, some hugging, and bad coffee shared by all.)

     So this is how my last Pepsi Drinkers Anonymous meeting would have went if it existed. I may have embellished slightly, I don't think it's been 90 days yet; but I'm at the point where I don't need a Pepsi every day to get through the day. Ironically enough, I think this pregnancy has saved me from a life of servitude to Pepsi Inc. My stomach is too weak for anything other than water or, maybe on a good day, watery iced tea. I'm confident that eventually I will be able to enjoy the odd Pepsi with a pizza without worrying that I'll spiral out of control and drink a whole case in a weekend (its been done many a time before.)

                                         {Morning Sickness Break- Apologies!}

     I'm feeling terrible today. I didn't take the morning sickness pills last night as I wanted to see if it has passed hasn't. I was hoping at the 12 week mark it would bugger off. Thankfully I have a dozen refills on the prescription.

     I just looked back on my list of life changes that I want to I'm not doing so great. Basically the Pepsi thing is my only real achievement; and to be frank, I never really intended to follow through with that one! lol go figure...
Now that I'm feeling better (well besides today) I'm going to get back on track and be genuine in my efforts.

    Ok, the smell of Saku's dog food is making me gag so I have to cut this blog short and go upstairs. Jesus, how does he eat that shit?

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