Friday, June 10, 2011

The More the Merrier

     Apparently, I am the type of person who needs multiple time consuming projects on the go, and precarious little spare time for myself in order to fill my days lately. Which is odd, because I normally Ioath and avoid super ambitious/obnoxious over-achievers like that. They tend to make me look bad and feel guilty. I think its my Christian upbringing; I was bred to feel guilty about everything. I feel contrite for even writing that...We thought it was a brilliant idea putting both our house here in Moose Creek, and our cottage nestled in the hills of Tremblant up for sale at the same time. We failed to factor in the meticulous cleaning that would be required and the house viewings. And the amount of time spent begging and bribing the kids not to lick the walls, block the toilets with dinky cars, wipe their noses on the curtains, color on the cupboard doors, or finger paint on the wainscoting with chocolate pudding.

     We also discovered that I am pregnant, and we will be welcoming our third baby early in the New Year. Normally, I would have liked to wait until after the first trimester to tell people that I'm preggers but I've been so frigging sick that its been hard to maintain the lie that I have the flu. It doesn't usually last for five weeks. I felt guilty every time I lied to someone. Actually, the first person I lied to called me on it. I told her I wasn't drinking at a wedding because I was on antibiotics and Sasha said, "Hhmm...I think you're actually pregnant- but we can pretend." I've had to bail out of social commitments due to the fact that I'm afraid to venture more than 30 odd feet from the bathroom. My days thus far have consisted of eating very little bland food, throwing it up, playing half assed with the little ones and napping. Lots of napping and ginger ale. I've never been this sick with my other pregnancies. I went to my doctor's today for my first check up and caved in when she asked if I wanted anything for the nausea. I launched my prescription over the counter at the pharmacist today and simply said, "I just wanna eat some lunch. Please, give me pills that will let me eat lunch." Sure, I could have handled that with a bit more couth...lesson learned. I've been trying to prepare Dryden for a new little brother or sister and somehow convey that fact that I have a baby inside me; I point to my belly and say, "Baby." I don't think he got it- he later pointed at my bum and said "Baby?" Although, yes, at the moment there may or may not be ample room for a baby to reside there, I think we need further anatomy lessons.

     So in short, I am looking forward to not vomiting anymore, and maybe feeling like staying up past 8 pm to write a few more blogs. I wish our friggin' house would sell already so we can move to our new place before I am ginormous and have to depend on Nick to pack and organize everything (there's an ugly scene waiting to happen: hormonal me + randomly packed, unorganized boxes = Nick being yelled at, I'm certain.)

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