Monday, February 11, 2013

Sabbatical Over

As our grey tinged snow banks slowly recede, revealing limp brown grass, mounds of defrosting Saku poop, and long forgotten sun faded summer toys, I've decided to flex my fingers and break out a new pen to write my first blog post in well over two months.

Although I've always been partial to hibernating for the months of January and February- this year I took it to the extreme. Something about this Winter just sucked the life- and motivation- right out of me. Deep within the white knuckle tight grasp of Winter, I devolved into a lazy slob. Ok, that's exaggerating- I wasn't THAT bad. But I did let 37 strands of silver hair take over my hairline without sufficient retaliation. I did lounge in Lazy Supper Territory: soup again everyone? I did stop primping for my husband ( that's a blatant euphemism- what I actually did was stop giving a Shit. Zero makeup, zero hair styling products, zero form fitting/fashionable clothes, zero fucks given.) I did fall into the habit of going to bed at 8:00. What I really needed was an intervention: people who love me showing up in my living room with a day planner, blush, a cardigan set, and a kick in the ass. Such external motivation never manifested however, and I was left to languish in my mundane routine.

My vitamin D deficient, pasty white skin is itching to go outside. I finally found my motivation (apparently it hates sub-zero temperatures and buggered off to Fiji for a few months. Go figure.) I'm finally feeling like Me. I'm ready for Spring.