Friday, June 17, 2011

Prepping for Philly!

     I spent the sum of my morning and early afternoon running around completing and crossing things off my extensive list of Things To Do and Things To Pick Up in preparation for our week long trip to Philadelphia. We are packing the kids in the truck, (along with an exorbitant amount of shit that we probably won't even use) and driving 8 hours in the middle of the night to attend a conference for Idic15 families. It's our first opportunity to meet and network with other families with children like our Noelle and to access professionals, and experts who specialize in these type of chromosomal abnormalities. Normally I would have been far more organized and prepared for this trip- I would have had numerous lists, actually, I would have had a list to organize all my lists...but I've been fighting off morning sickness and haven't even felt like it. Hence the hustling today.

     While shopping, I was horrified to notice that I may already be showing; for my first pregnancy, I was six months along before anyone could tell I was renting my womb out to a hungry little monster. For my son, I think it wasn't until I was a little over three months along before the tell-tale belly showed itself. Now, however, I am in that awkward stage of pregnant where I don't quite looking preggers- just fat and unkept. I kept alternating between sucking in (people who see me think to themselves, "She's a bit pudgy but not gargantuan.") and jutting my belly out to exaggerate the baby bump (people who see me think, "Aw! Pregnant!") It was exhausting. When I got to the cash I was too preoccupied with my order to realize that the cashier was a hot 19 year old guy until I was face to face with him. I panicked, not knowing whether to suck in or jut out- I think I tried to do both simultaneously...and just farted. Loudly. I tried to give an almost inperceivable jerk of my head to indicate that it was the older woman beside me...but I don't think it worked- why would I be blushing scarlet if she farted?

     And that was my glamorous day...jealous?

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