Wednesday, December 26, 2012

T'was The Night After Christmas

T'was the night AFTER Christmas
And all through our home,
Not a toddler was stirring
I was finally alone.

The stockings that were hung by the fire
Were depleted
The fiasco of opening them
Hopefully never to be repeated.

The children were nestled, all snug in their beds
Wearing new Christmas jammies- white, green, and red.
With me in my slippers, and Nick trying not to make noise,
Were desperately trying to organize new toys.

When out in the kitchen Saku made such a clatter
I sprang to the doorway to see what was the matter.
Away to the kitchen I flew like a pup
Before the stupid dog woke all three kids up.

There sat the dog
As pathetic as a wino,
Cornered under the island
By Dryden's new remote control Dino.

With Little People taking over the hutch,
And a billion new Hot Wheels cars proving to be too much-
My husband was frowning and starting to pout,
Growling, and threatening to throw old toys out.

More puzzles! More tractors! More crayons and dump trucks!
More play food! More movies!
More babies and foam pucks!
Hide away in some baskets
In the toy room, in the hall
Now stash away! Stash away!
Stash away all!

I stepped down and I heard "crunch" on the floor
Noelle's new stuffed bear- it let out a roar!
I whispered a curse, decided my husband could win,
I then turned around to see Nick with a grin.

"Our kids are so lucky: our families go all out,
These toys will make them happy
Of that there is no doubt."
An armful of toys he stuffed onto a shelf,
And I had to agree, in spite of myself.

Their eyes how they twinkled
As they opened their toys,
And it was the family surrounding them-
All of our siblings girls and boys.

As they grow older, these gifts they'll forget,
It's the memories of family they'll remember I bet.
They'll look forward to holidays
Of making time out to gather,
It'll be family, not toys, that they'll eventually rather.

Until then, we're happy to pick up their toys
Put them away so they don't make too much noise.
Our family is blessed, and the world feels just right-
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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