Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st, 2012

There was a lot of hype leading up to today. In case you are not "in the know", or just waking up from an extended coma (if you ARE just waking from a coma, thank you for reading my blog! Welcome to 2012) then you know that today was, allegedly, supposed to be the end of the world. Some ancient Mayan calendar had today's date as the last day (I tried watching a documentary on it last night, to inform myself better- but it was so frigging boring. I watched Bad Boys instead.) In all honesty, if I genuinely thought today was the Beginning Of The End, I would have spent our Christmas money of food, water, guns, and medicine; traded our car and truck in for a boat, and fortified our house. I didn't. I bought Christmas gifts for our kids. Like most sane people did.

On the other hand, I have been wrong before. I was 0.0061% sure today was IT. So I took pains to make today extra special...just in case. I served chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate milk for breakfast. I even went whole hog and put 10% cream in my coffee. I turned the bathroom into a beach party- music, snacks, unlimited bubbles, and no time limit. I served Kraft Dinner for lunch and made nap time optional (the baby doesn't know what "optional" means yet, so she foolishly chose to go to bed.) We put on our jammies and watched cartoons, played on the couch, cheered on Philip as he cleared our driveway with the tractor, ate cheesies, split a Pepsi, and did a craft. Everyone ate their favourite meal for supper and no one had to clean up their toys before bed.

So, as the Earth keeps spinning, and the Doom Mongers unknot their panties, I wonder if any of my little ones will remember today? Probably not. But when they're older and are facing their own generation's End Of The World, I can assure them that we already survived one together...and had a pretty great time.

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