Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday

I started my 31st birthday today by reading an amazing letter. I would like to share it with you:

My Dearest Rachel,
Happy birthday! I can't believe that you are already 31; it seems like only yesterday that you were a precocious child- full of mischief and wonder. I remember your teenage years spent discovering who, and what, you would like to become. I loved your early 20s- having so much blind faith...always leaping in before you ever thought to look. I would like to share some advice for your third decade of life; and like most advice, it is offered out of love and a genuine desire for you to have the best, for you to be your best.
Live, Love, and Laugh. There is a reason these three words are seen everywhere: they are the key to a life well lived.


Live every day as though it were your last. Have no regrets at the end of each day (and I'm not talking about the laundry not getting done, or an email not responded to.)

Go outside and play with your adorable kids- they will remember your efforts and carefree love of "play."

Be more spontaneous. Not everything needs to be planned, budgeted, and detailed in a list. Go where the wind, and your heart, takes you.

Take some trips- make your world bigger.

Follow your passions! Become involved in that organization. Start that business. You know what I'm talking about.


I want you to love yourself this year. Take better care of your body, and of your soul. You only have one of each. They are worth the investment.

There is a reason you married Nick: he is the only person in the world you could imagine loving until you die. Treat him as such.

If there is a choice, ALWAYS choose being an amazing mom over something else.

Never miss an opportunity to tell your family and friends you love them. They are the ones who will drag you, kicking and screaming, out of every predicament, every heartache, every uncertainty.


Act silly with your kids, teach them that their little world is hilarious, and wonderful, and fun.

At all costs, keep your sense of humour. Your ability to laugh at the crap in life makes the crap in life beatable.

I hope that your birthday was fantastic; that your family showed you that they are happy you were born; that your friends let you know that their life is better with you in it; that today was the first day of a remarkable year. Happy birthday!

Your 31 Year Old Self xo

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