Thursday, March 31, 2011

Productive an unproductive way.

     I have a million things to do tonight. I'm not being facetious either; I literally have a million things on my extensive "To Do" list. I am only 1/3 (I'm being slightly generous here) finished my spring cleaning; my husband would love it if I finished scrap booking the billions of pictures that I've accumulated over the last decade and finally clear off our enormous dining room table that I've taken over with adorable 3D stickers, multicolored ribbons, buttons, and do-dads. I have all the blankets and bed linens from the house and cottage to wash and dry and fold; unfortunately our floors will not sweep and wash themselves and the dishes are screaming at me from the depths of their stainless steel dungeon.

     Soon after I rationed out hugs and kissed and whispered my last "I love you" for the evening, I studied my "To Do" list and surveyed the house. I had visions of my long night ahead of me and it looked decidedly unfun. It took me 3.781 seconds to grant myself a night off. I've just finished giving myself a mani/pedi (I've been hoarding my Avon Foot Works lotions and potions as I was without an Avon rep...Ali, expect an order for these things in the next few weeks lol.) I'm also in need of some current and trendy colors for my nails- I get bored of french manicures after a few weeks and need some color periodically - but I am out of the loop fashion wise and have no idea if chartreuse is in or is greige still cute? I am about to take a pause (insert a Time Out!) to go apply a chocolate scented mud mask {Saku is sitting as close to me as possible right now and he's sniffing the air like crazy} and I have a thouroughly chilled Pepsi Max on the ready to my right. I am looking forward to answering some FB messages and composing some emails; I have a letter to write to a much loved former roommate, and Oooo! I just saw that a show on the Bermuda Triangle starts in an hour, followed by one about Atlantis (my nerdiness can only be contained for so long before it seeps out in floods of embarrassment. Its most evident in my lust for fantasy and sci-fi movies and documentaries about aliens and ancient civilizations. Nick hates watching TV with me lol.) I'm even willing to stay up late tonight in order to fit in a bubble bath and finishing off a borrowed book that has proven to be riveting and worthy of forgoing sleep in favour of turning page after page.

     Here's to nights off and the simple things that keep me sane and pleasant.

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