Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another word for "Delicious?"

     Have you ever regretted doing something and had no means by which to reverse your actions?  I am fully contrite about what I have taught our kids; they have both learned a new word today. Normally this would be cause for jubilation- one more word for their repertoire, one step closer for them to move out, get a job, and pay for their own damn groceries (since when did pudding become more expensive then gold!?) However, I foolishly taught them to say "Ka Ka". Now, my intentions were bright, I had grand visions of them eventually being self aware of their bodily functions and being able to tell me when they had, or needed to, ka ka- thus being yet another step closer to toilet training and Independence. What I naively didn't realize is that they would abuse this new word, torture and embarrass me with it. Now every meal that I put in front of them is "ka ka" and that just hurts my feelings; I worked really hard on that tuna noodle casserole (ok, no I didn't...but still.) I need to warn my mother and mother-in-law about this new development before they try to feed my little ones and are offended by a head shake and a firm "No! Ka ka!"
     Actually, it might be more amusing if I don't warn them....

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