Thursday, March 24, 2011

So this is how normal people live...

     I must say, the last few days have been blissfully uneventful. I've been purposefully slow to start rescheduling all of Noelle's weekly therapies since we've all recovered from our colds- and it feels fantastic not to have to be anywhere every day, or have to clean like a fiend before a home session and threaten the children to behave or else Mommy's head will explode. I'm not even remotely embarrassed by the fact that my kids have worn pyjamas, mismatched socks, and jogging suits all week. Eventually my selfish repose will have to come to an end and the daily jaunt to therapies will resume...but until then, we are languishing in leisurely bath times, extended breakfasts, and the crisp, fresh scent of spring cleaning (I'm a very slow spring cleaner. You will probably be hearing about this chore until Octoberish...December at the very latest. And then I'll be complaining about Christmas cleaning. Consider yourself forewarned.)
      My jog last night was similarly unremarkable- although I'll be grateful when the street sweeper comes by; all I could smell and taste was damp dirt, gravel particulates, and decomposing cardboard (?) It was refreshing not to trip on anything, not step in a giant pile of festering dog crap, and not humiliate myself in some highly unlikely, but predictably "Rachel" situation. I am, however, quite sore today. My body doesn't remember how to process so much physical activity is such a  short period- we curled in a tournament on the weekend, jogging Monday and Wednesday, and Zumba on Tuesday. I generously gave myself tonight off from walking- actually, I had a feeling that it was a bad idea. I feel like I am currently resting in the eye of a storm; that while I am happily enjoying my string of good luck (or rather, regular luck for normal people) it is inevitable that something is going to muck it up. And soon. So I'm sticking my head in the ground and avoiding it (actually, I'm eating peanut butter filled Easter eggs and watching "Life After People" while blogging....but you get the idea.)

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