Thursday, June 26, 2014

T'was The Night Before Summer Vacation

T'was the night before summer vacation
And all through the villa,
Momma was sipping
A glass of straight teq'illa.

The book bags were flung
In the corner like trash,
Kids so hopped up on Freezies;
Ready to crash.

The children were passed out 
Laying half out of their beds,
With visions of non-school related
Fun in their heads.

Nick's looking weary
And I knew, in one of those ways,
That it was -undoubtedly- going to be
A fucking long 68 days.

When up on the staircase
There arose such a clatter,
I *drunken* stumbled out of my chair
To see what was the matter.

Away to the upstairs 
I wobbled like an ass,
Trying to maintain my composure,
My Mommy-like class.

The moon on the faces 
Of my two youngest tykes,
Gave the serious creepiness
Out of horror movies I like.

What to my terrified ears do I hear, 
(Oh my Lord)
"Mommy there's nothing to do;
We are bored!"

For a not-so-thin Mommy
I sure do move quick, 
I hustled down the stairs
To conspire with Nick.

More rapid than eagles
We worked on our phones, 
To organize activities
Before our Summer was blown.

Now splash pads! Now swimming lessons!
Now soccer and horse back riding!
In playgrounds! In museums!
On play dates and sliding.

To the top of that trail,
To hang out at the mall,
Now dash away! Dash away!
Dash away all!!

And then in a twinkling
I knew what to do, 
Pack lots of snacks
And memorize everywhere they can poo.

Our days would be packed-
With no time to sit,
Days of leisurely "Mom Stuff",
Had all gone to shit.

All Summer I plan 
To lug them around
To the fair, to the gym, 
Basically, all around town.

I'll take them home every evening,
Exhausted and dirty,
In time for supper and bath time
Then in bed by 7:30.

With a list of stuff to do
Our days will be long,
Filled with crayons, and scissors,
Disney, and songs.

Keeping them busy and happy
Will be a labour of love,
This is what Summer memories
Are surely made of.

Happy summer vacation to all, and to all a stiff drink!

<3 RP

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