Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day

     Today, I'd like to acknowledge the men among us who are lucky enough to be called "Dad"

Today is for the modern man, the New Dad who learns how to change diapers, who takes his turn in the nightly feeding rotation, who gets spit up on, barfed on, and shit on...he is sleep deprived, malnourished and overwhelmed- but still remembers to tell baby's Mom that she's doing a great job.

Today is for the dads patiently teaching their kids to take a step, kick a ball, read a word, shoot a puck, cast a rod, tie their shoe, play a riff, change a tire, pump their own gas, do long division, tie a neck tie, hold the door open for an elder, and burp the alphabet.

Today is for the stay-at-home dads. God bless you. You gently flip society the bird while holding a crying toddler on your hip, helping Jr with his homework, and turning out a delicious supper all at the same time. 

Today is for the dads with daughters. Thank you for embracing pink and purple. Thank you for participating in tea parties, for knowing all the Disney princesses' names, for bringing beautiful flowers to her dance recital. Thank you for standing your ground and not letting her leave the house in that outfit, for giving her boyfriend a chance, for encouraging her to do anything- be everything, for barely holding it together walking her down the aisle. 

Today is for the dads with sons. Thank you for letting him decide what he's interested in. Thank you for letting him try every single sport, every single instrument, every single video game. Thank you for taking him outside, for teaching him how to treat women properly, for telling him that it's ok to make mistakes, for suggesting that he sees the world. Thank you for being the best example of what a "real man" should be. 

Today is a hurrah for the single dads. Are you even human?? Seriously, good for you; I think you're amazing. Your kids do too- trust me.

Today is for the dads of special needs children. These dads who navigate and overcome pained emotions, and loss of future dreams daily to find genuine contentment and joy in the kid they have been blessed with. We should exude gratitude and praise to these men, as the reality is that their kids may not be able to. 

Today is for the not-so-present dads. May today act as a reminder to them that they are not too late, that they can still be an active, instrumental part of their child's life. 

Today is for the Grandpas- it's definitely more fun the second time around, isn't it? :)

Today is for every man who has ever put his needs last to provide for his family, who spends a portion of every day trying to carve out a better place in this world for their child to exist happily in, who gives tirelessly of himself to his children- thank you. The happiest of Father's Days to you xo

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