Thursday, June 19, 2014

The End Is Coming

I have one full week to live.
What I meant to type was: I have one full week until summer vacation starts. 

Ours is not a family that does well without consistent structure. Previous summers have taught me that I can no longer say, "we'll see how it goes" or "I don't know what we have planned yet. You guys?" Shit this summer needs to be meticulously planned and choreographed according to the moon cycles and bug feasting patterns. I have 68 days to fill with outside play dates, sensory activities, educational field trips, camp outs, cook outs, craft ideas, visiting random (mostly deaf) relatives, swimming, soccer, gardening, and playgrounds. 

Gone are the days of leisurely tanning in the backyard with a beer and a book; afternoons spent in the backyard now requires 1L of SPF 85, bug spray, wide brimmed hats, enough liquid to hydrate Wisconsin, band aides, iPod for music, a backpack full of snacks, and a slightly drunk Mommy is always favourable. 

I started planning for the summer holidays in May- that bitch isn't going to sneak up and ruin my life this year!! Oh no- with the help of caffeine and Pintrest, I got this. I have an entire virtual board filled with crafts, activities, and educational-homework-disguised as fun. These little bastards are going to go to bed each night exhausted, creative, and smarter- so help me God. 

Kids are always good in museums, right?!?

Anything else local to add to these lists? Help a Momma out...

Weekly rewards that I will make them learn how to read muahahaha

You're going down Summer!

My back-up plan

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  1. A tiny suggestion: one thing that I used to do when the kids were little, I'd stash out of sight half their toys and every now and again would switch things up. They used to love it. It was like buying them brand new toys and books.