Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Observations While Back To School Shopping

-Saleswoman at Carter's was a genius for putting a cartoon on so the kids would shut up while I crossed stuff off my list. 
-Apparently coral is going to be big in the world of toddler haut couture.
-Leggings for $15!? I can buy them jeans for that price. Legging should universally have a max retail price of $5. We need a revolution for this people- if someone needs to lose a head for this to happen, so be it.
-Wow! It's been a long time since I've been in Ardene's. #wherewasthatshitwheniwasateen
-Only superhero backpacks will do.
-Also, they are not to be called "book bags", but only "backpacks." Fucking Dora the Explorer...

-Lunch boxes must have a handle "so I can swing it and kill the bad guys attacking the bus." Whatever; that kind is on sale anyways.
-Stay away from the god damn toy aisle.
-$3 T-shirt sale? Buy one of each color. Don't even debate over it.
-Disappear while husband pays at the cash to avoid hearing his mumbling curse  words.
-Tuck a flask filled with margarita in your purse.
-Commence countdown to freedom

Taking a break at the mall.
{you can always point out which kid has a mechanic as a father}

Saku: "this is all clothes- where the fak are my Denta Stix?!?

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