Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Social Scene

     I don't have any friends. lol Ok, I don't have many close friends. I suppose that my closest friend would be Ashley, my sister. But does she even count? We're related, and for the first half of our lives we were forced to hang out and pretend (poorly, I might add) that we liked each other. Is she still pretending!?! (I just had a hillarious mental picture of my parents slipping Ashley $20 bills every week and saying,  "You know she doesn't have any her twice this week and when you see her on Tuesday say that you like her hair. Even if you don't. I mean it- be nice!")

     In my teens and early twenties I had tons of close friends. At any given time I had a dozen girlfriends that I called or hung out with on a weekly basis. There wasn't anything I didn't tell them, anything that I would have refused them. We had fun getting into trouble, drove around aimlessly listening to music, exchanged phone calls, emails, letters and CDs; every weekend was somehow turned into an epic event worthy of discussing and rehashing long after sun had risen, the empties picked up, and apologies made for late night drunken phone calls. I can't really pinpoint the moment in time when I foolishly started neglecting my friends. Life just got in the way and I wasn't smart enough to look around it.

     I'm not totally pathetic- I do have some girlfriends who do not share DNA with me. I consider myself lucky enough to count the wives of Nick's three best friends amongst my close companions (bahahaha! I just had the same mental picture, except this time it was my husband slipping them money.) I don't want to be the type of mom who makes her children her entire life's work- her universe revolving around their existance. I was social and had a life before they were born and I would like to enjoy that while we're raising them and beyond. I think I'll try to reach out to some of my "original" girlfriends over then next few days. I hope they still remember me as the amazing friend I once was...and if not, I'll just get my mom to slip them a $20!

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