Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the dark...about most things actually...

     Our children have been fantastic these last few days. Noelle, our three year old daughter, has learned some new words (none of them can be considered profanity, thank 'effing lord) and Dryden has discovered the electrical outlets. He hasn't tried to stick anything in them yet- he just likes feeding the plastic plug covers to the dog. My husband asked my if I knew why Saku keeps barfing up clear plastic clumps. "Uuummm....I have no idea Hun." I can't expect the kids not to tattle if I do. Teach by example I always say. I should clearly stop feeding the dog plastic plug front of the kids.

     Last night I went to a Zumba workout by myself. I go weekly with my sister, but she recently had surgery and is out of commission for awhile. Normally this would have been liken to a written consent for me to take a few weeks off Zumba right alongside her. I resisted my initial impulse to veg at home with a good book and went solo. As I am writing this, it occured to me: I have never gone to the gym, to yoga, to Zumba, jogging, or to a sports try-out alone. Never. I alwats find a friend or talk my sister into coming with me. Huh. Miss independant I am not apparently. Now, in the spirit on candour, I am usually content with giving 70% effort at Zumba (with a side order of 100% laughing at what my sister is doing). Not last night. I had no one to pick on so I re-focused that energy on busting some seriously uncoordinated moves.

     After arriving back home, after sending the babysitter on her way, after snuggling the little ones to sleep...the power went out. For the night. So I ended up getting everything I wanted: I found time to work out and I also settled in with a soft blanket, a chilled glass of wine, 37 sandlewood scented candles, and I finished my book.

     Sometimes, life is just good.


  1. Great on you Rachel to Zumba alone ... and the power outage ... yeah brrr, I'm still shivering! Loving the blog, keep it up, I'm sure it is going to be great for not only your spirits and self esteem, but your readers are going to bust a gut!

  2. DITTO to Lorena's comment! I think Rachel you have a real gift - great writing and story telling!
    I think you should come with Lorena sometime and scrapbook with us!