Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 14th

     Valentine's day has never held any major significance in mine and my husband's relationship. We've never exchanged expensive, elaborate gifts, never planned intimate, romantic evenings culminating in an explosion of passion. I don't need flowers or diamonds, reservations or poetry, worship or hallmark endorsed greetings. February 14th is a day that we acknowledge with a kiss and a genuine "happy valentine's day."

     I appreciate Nick's quiet, unassuming method of showing me that he loves me. He gets up with the kids to allow me the luxury of an extra hour of slumber on Saturdays; he creates a diversion in the living room so I can enjoy a steamy ten minute shower without the dog poking his head in or hot wheels cars bouncing off the curtains; I often wake up in the morning to the mouthwatering smell of scrambled eggs and freshly poured coffee.; he brushes the snow off my truck before leaving for work in case I need to make an abrupt escape from cabin fever and/or the confining evils of housework. If given the choice between an annual dozen crimson roses and breath taking jewelry or the simple, every day gestures that reflect his affections- I will always choose the latter.

     Our relationship has never suffered with the addition of children to our family. I trust in his financial decisions and he follows my lead in all things parental (Nick: "Seriously, do we really have to teach them manners? Its a lot of work", and my personal favorite, "What do you mean he can't play with that? Its just a butter knife.") We rarely fight- not due to the fact that we're so enlightened but because Nick is so easy going. Most of my best attempts to start an argument are usually swatted aside like a dim-witted fly on a lazy summer evening. Could our marriage use a dash of spontaneity, a light dusting of excitement? Sure, I don't deny that we've toned our social lives down and that we would benefit from spicing up our routine. However, we're not so far gone that a candle lit bedroom or a weekend get-away can't fix. So here's to Valentine's Day for reminding us to be romantic, to vocalize our feelings to loved ones, to open our hearts to the possibility of love.

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