Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Mommy and the Girls

    Wednesday night Nick got up and did both of Raegan's night feedings without me having to ask or threaten him. The next morning he stealthily took her and the dog out of our bedroom, shutting the door behind him, and woke our two older kids. He fed everyone, prepped Noelle for school and put her on her school van. He then loaded Dryden and Raegan into our van and left to run errands: they went to our lawyer's and then to Costco to get 38 pounds of minced garlic and 500 bags of microwavable popcorn. I was left alone, in a silent house, to sleep in for the first time in...I have no idea. I floated downstairs at the shameful hour of 10:30 to brew my first cup of coffee (that I drank without having to re-warm it in the microwave four times) while sitting down! I then took the longest, hottest shower I could before my David Suzuki senses started tingling and made me feel guilty. Today, while I was gone to get groceries (I need stuff to go with all that garlic) he bathed and dressed all the kids, did the dishes, and tidied the house. No, no, I am most certainly not on drugs- this stuff actually happened. And no, I am not blackmailing Nick with nude pictures. You see ladies and gentlemen, this here is what I like to call: Nick sucking up like a boss. This weekend is "Guys Weekend." Nick and his friends get together and go away to a hockey tournament (in Kingston this year) and they all pretend that they are young, carefree, unattached, childless guys and spend three days drinking beer, smoking butts, going to bars, eating horribly unhealthy food, and acting like giant 13 year olds. Apparently hockey gets played somewhere in there too (I have my suspicions about that though. I can see them in my mind stopping at a sports store on the way home and buying hats, and skate guards, and towels and telling us wives that they were prizes for placing 2nd in the 'B' division.)

     We try to do this once or twice a year, each of us going away separately for a weekend with our own friends. It's a great way to reconnect with friends that we don't always have time to devote our undivided attention to for long periods of time now that we have kids. It also gives each of us a little break to recharge and let loose. So while Nick is body checking, and laughing at crude jokes without having to look over his shoulder to see if I'm frowning, I'm at home. No, no- don't feel bad for me...Nick covered his bases; He asked his Dad to have a Dryden/Poppa day and sleep over and tomorrow his Mom is watching Dryden and Noelley AND having a sleep over. Tonight was pretty easy: Noelley wanted to play in a bubble bath after supper and then promptly passed out after. And Raegan was especially adorable tonight, cooing and smiling, and making pretty eyes. She too has passed out, snoring softly with the slight scent of milk on her breath. I have the rest of the night to watch trashy TV (Gypsy Wedding? Yes please!) and lounge in a bubble bath. Tomorrow after I drop Miss Noelley off at Nick's parents' place I will be taking the baby to Ottawa to a dinner party at a good friend's house without feeling guilt or pressure to rush home. By god, I'm even going to sleep in Sunday (with Raegan's approval and permission of course.) I must say, I'm loving Guy's Weekend this year...

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