Monday, April 2, 2012

I Like To Move It Move It

     We put our house up for sale almost three weeks ago (I can hear the collective groans and mumbles of, "great, now we have to endure months worth of whiny moving blogs." First of all, stop complaining- I'm adorable when I whine. Secondly, have no fear my blog-reading-dears, the ordeal is already almost done. We put our house up for sale privately on Tuesday, had an open house on Friday, received an offer on Saturday and accepted it the next day. We signed the papers a few days ago, and voila! like that, our headache is gone. To be honest, that yard is fantastic, and the house has good bones; someone who has no kids and the time and energy to fix it up will be very happy there. As for us, we have three very little children, we hoard our spare time, and have zero energy after 7:30 pm (9:00 if I've had a nap.) Instead, we bought our dream house. When did I realize it was our dream house? When I not only allowed Nick to convince me to pack up all our crap and move yet again, but when I also started agreeing with his reasoning.
     We can grow here. The house is very big- we've lost Saku twice so far. He now wears a little bell on his collar. It has five bedroom- so we have a spare bedroom for overnight guests for the first time. Or an available room if we have a "Whoops!" baby....
     We will never renovate again. This house is beyond move in ready- no painting even! (There has come a time in my life where I no longer feel the need to paint over someone else's beige walls with my preferred shade of beige. Let's just buy a brightly colored rug and go to bed early.)
     The yard is a blank canvas. The property is an acre and has a dozen newly planted trees and two lovely flower bed. That's it. I am going to garden the shit out of this yard!
     We are in the same community, and the same school district- so no major upheaval there (thank goodness- it is exhausting convincing new people that I am, in fact, cool.)

     So there you have my last three weeks: We sold our house, packed all our stuff (I knew I had unpacked too quickly at the old place), bought a new house, moved all our stuff, and are almost finished unpacking. Nick and I wrote our own Moving Vows (like marriage vows, only more sacred) and exchanged them over candle light.

Rachel: "I promise not to bitch about how unorganized and random your packing is. I swear to unpack and put things away in obvious places that you will think to look for them. I would never throw away any of your clothes that I hate while you are away at work. I will shut my mouth when you say "I told you this was a great idea"  for the next ten years. I will let you organize the basement and utility room however you like...until it annoys me too much and I go fix it."

Nick: " I do solemnly swear never to look on MLS for a new house ever again. Because I love you, we no longer have to drive around looking for houses to buy on our way home from everywhere. I promise never to start a sentence with, "You know what house would be awesome to buy..." This will be our last house, for ever, and ever. Amen."

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