Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Wake up: see that it is grey/rainy outside. Roll over and go back to sleep until the kids wake up.

Wake up to three kids with runny noses. Shit.

Check kleenex inventory.

Make three different breakfasts so that everyone will actually eat something this morning.

Eat a mini Cadbury cream egg (1 WW point!)

Unpack half of our DVDs and put them away. Pick my battles and let Dryden play with the other half.

Wipe every one's noses.

Empty big box of bath towels so that Noelle can play with it. Hide towels in the office.

Eat another cream egg.

Bounce Noelle on my knee while feeding the baby a bottle.

Change every one's crappy diapers.

Light a really strong candle.

Force the big baby dog to go pee outside in the rain. Spend 10 minutes drying him after.

Try to organize our toy room. Abandon idea: kids suddenly want to play with everything I touch.

Wipe every one's noses.

Clean fingerprints off stainless steel appliances. Curse stainless steel appliances. Again.

Make lunch that no one likes/eats.

Force feed cold meds, slather Vick's vapo rub everywhere, tuck grumpy kids into bed.

Take a nap.

Wake up to the sound of rain falling on our tin roof   *love*

Self destruct and eat 6 or 7 cream eggs.

Get a chair and put the Easter candy on a high shelf. Eat a carrot as an apology to my body.

Snuggle with kids while reading Toy Story book for the 837th time this week.

Wipe noses.

Unpack craft supplies. Have no idea where they go yet. Put crafty stuff back in the box. Hide box in the office.

Sweep floors.

Return 13 Hot Wheels cars to their "garage."

Give Dryden one of Raegan's bottles so he can feed his stuffed cat who is "ungry."

Make supper that everyone gets to eat but me. Feed baby while clearing the dishes and singing "Old McDonald" to Noelle.

Rock screaming baby while two older kids do...shit, who am I kidding? I have no idea what they were doing for 20 whole minutes. No one died and the house didn't burn down so everything turned out fine. 

Trick kids into taking cold meds. I love the smell of Vicks. Wipe noses and blow kisses as I close their bedroom doors.

Do dishes and laundry and put toys away.

Feed baby while watching Fashion Police.

Blog until baby wakes up.

Get chair and retrieve Easter 2 eggs.

Pour a glass of wine and snuggle with Raegan.

Wipe her nose....

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