Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tired Mommy

     Today, much the same as yesterday, has crawled by with the speed and enthusiasm of a melancholy snail contemplating the meditations of Gandhi. My morning started with acute awareness of the compression and congestion resting directly on my chest; my lungs ready to contact their union representatives and strike to protest the unhealthy conditions that they are forced to work in. I cannot shake this chest cold. And there is nothing worse than a summer cold. Nothing. Not cholera, not being shot in the belly, not even 1000 paper cuts. My doctor seems completely unperturbed by it's ongoing residency: "Gargle with some warm water- I'm sure it will be fine eventually." Umm...thanks Dr.Tips? It is sapping all of the energy out of me, like a small, branching crack at the bottom of an old reservoir. It has been torture forcing my head off my pillow every morning, and I crash, willingly and eagerly, every nap time. My trusty multivitamin just doesn't suffice; a good friend of mine suggested (weeks ago- insert guilty face here) that I go see a holistic, naturapath doctor she saw. Actually, she is a mutual friend of ours from high school. I said I'd look into seeing her, but never got around to it. I think I should take her suggestion far more seriously now.

     Our house is officially for sale now. We finally caulked, painted, grouted, and sanded our last unfinished project. My house looks great! I don't want to move now. I will use this knowledge to my advantage in the future though. In our next home, once things start to look dingy, once the baseboards need some touching up, once I find pretty new light fixtures, and once I tire of the backsplash- all I need to do is suggest we buy a new house. My husband loves buying new houses. Nothing brings him greater joy then trolling MLS looking for our next "forever" home. I'll lead him on...let him think that I am actually willing to pack all our shit, yet again. into a never ending sea of brown boxes and organize another move. We'll make a list of all the projects to finish up that will help us sell our house faster and for greater profits. Once this list is complete and my house looks great again...I'll bail. Oh, I'll make it look natural and unplanned, have no fear. I'll cry about sentimental value, and mental hardships associated with moving, and blah blah, blah. Watch me; in a few years I will blog about this masterpiece of manipulation and you can all bask in my glory along with me.

     We still have not heard back from Noelle's neurologist yet. We go back to CHEO tomorrow to meet with her anaesthesiologist. She is going for dental surgery on June 1st to fill two cavities and to clean her teeth properly. Noelle doesn't chew her food. We are just accustomed to cutting her food up into bite sized pieces so she doesn't choke. Because she doesn't chew, she doesn't use her back teeth to grind her food; instead, the food accumulates and rests on top of the molars- hence the cavities. Our dentist told Nick that "she really needs to start chewing her food you know." Thanks Dr. Tips- you must be married to our family doctor. We've only been dealing with this issue in occupational therapy for 20 months now. We'll look into that one though...

     It is almost 10 pm now- I must sign off to take a steam shower to try to dislodge the gunk in my chest in the hopes that it doesn't drown me in my sleep. Sexy, I know...xo

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