Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day Four and Five W.C. (without children)

{I took tonight off from Zumba because I am still sore. Plus I dyed my hair a horrible color- think Rhianna's neon red hair...minus Riri's smokin' hot body to equalize the ridiculous Ronald McDonald do. So instead, I'll post the rest of our vacation blogs and re-dye my hair something a little more natural. Cheers! xo}    


      Sweetmarymotherofjesus- my legs are killing me. Just for the record- I wish we had gone to Cuba instead. The goal for Wednesday was to go to Rona's (they now know us by name and astrological sign) to buy more slate, to finish the fireplace walls, to tile the bathroom wall with slate and grout the bathroom floor. Tall order considering Nick's fingers were splitting and bleeding and I was shuffling along like a senior citizen. I seriously hate myself for complaining continually and so openly about the pain I was in. I'm going to try to stop doing that from here on.

     We stopped at Rona's, talked to Pierre, asked him about the little lady and the kids, bought about 250 lbs worth of slate tiles, went for breakfast and headed back to the cottage. No fighting, no meltdowns, adequate amounts of coffee, perfectly laid tiles. Easy breezy day. The bathroom floor was ripe for grouting so we set to that task too. Nick's job was to grout with the float and my job was to drink Pepsi, wait 20 minutes and then wipe the excess grout off. Sounded great to me. Well it wasn't. It would have been fine if I only had to wipe the floor down once...not the five times it actually took. More squatting. Awesome.

     After supper we called the kids at Danny and Lynn's. It was our first time speaking to them since sneaking out on them Sunday afternoon. Noelley wasn't interested in talking on the phone (probably busy playing with her feet or something) but Dryden took over the conversation willingly- chatting away, telling us about his week in gibberish dialect and then abruptly signing off with a sudden, "Ok...buh-bye!" I smiled like crazy after talking to him. I suddenly missed them both fiercely; my heart squeezed painfully. I looked away so Nick wouldn't see me tear up but he called me on it. He has this totally obnoxious habit of pointing out whenever I get misty eyed; at sad parts in movies he always looks at me and says, "Hey, are you crying?" It makes me so mad! Why can't he act like a normal male and pretend like I don't have emotions? And when they do come to the surface, why can't he turn the other way and become absorbed with something on the floor? But I digress...My Advil/bubble bath/wine/A535 routine was no longer cutting it either.


     I dropped the teaspoon from my coffee on the floor. Nick watched as it took me 3.5 minutes to bend down to retrieve it before announcing: "Ok, that's it- you'll be taking today off. No work, no cleaning. Go put a movie on." I tried to play the martyr- "No, no- I'm fine! I can help with the rec room floor." He threw my spoon back on the floor and raised an eyebrow at me...I didn't bother picking it up and headed into the living room to see what movies were playing on the dish. So my Thursday was relaxing. Nick, however, laid all the tiles in the rec room by himself. I definitely felt guilty (yet oddly enough, not quite guilty enough to get up and help...) I felt really bad after I saw how painful his fingertips looked. They were split, and raw, and bleeding. He shrugged it off and got ready to go out for supper. It was the only night we went out, and we didn't stay out late as the Habs were playing at 7. (sigh and the romance just keeps coming and coming...) We hit up Jean Coutu first to get some medicated cream for Nick's hands and then the restaurant. It was nice just the two of us. Half way through the meal and family of five sat in the booth across from ours. They had three kids under the age of 8ish and they were funny. Nick and I kept watching them and laughing to ourselves. We both missed the kids and knew it- our eyes told each other that every time they met. It was a lovely day for me, supper was fantastic, the Habs won, and we weren't exhausted come bedtime- the wine still came in handy, just not as a pain reliever...

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