Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enjoying Country Time

     Finally moved and (almost) completely settled in. It's been an incredibly long two and a half weeks. When we first decided to buy this house, we agreed that we weren't going to renovate or fix it up in any way. Our (overly ambitious) plan is to live in this old house while we build a new house in front of it, then tear this place down. However, ten days before we moved in, our allergies convinced us that a new plan was needed. The old carpets were killing us slowly, draining our lifeforces directly though our noses and blinding us behind curtains of dust induced tears. Now we had to hustle to pull out the old carpets (who the hell were we kidding- as if I could pretend to like neon blue shag rugs and hunter green stairs for more than a few days anyways) and put new floors in...in one week. And then we figured, if we're putting in new floors- why are we tolerating a lavender kitchen complete with canary yellow wallpaper as the back splash? (I shit you not.) So new paint was thrown on every wall pretty damn fast and the trim work was given a new sparkling white life. All this before we even moved a god damn box.

     Moving day: Thank God Nick has friends. Nick, Marc, and Nick M moved every box we had packed (and even packed what I didn't have time to throw in boxes yet) in one day. Marie took Dryden for an Auntie Date Day, so I was left with Noelley to unpack and choreograph some semblance of organization. We were all exhausted.

     This last week: Nick's last week of holidays just so happened to be this week. We were able to reassemble furniture (eff you Ikea and your stupid allan keys too), hang up curtains, shelves, and millions of other things that would have dragged on forever if Nick didn't have an entire week at home. The kids have been genuinely great- they even think that the ridiculously slanted floors are fun and they giggle with each creaking step up the staircase. As for Saku, he loves it here. It took Nick six days after we moved in to install the electric, underground fence to keep him (Saku, not Nick) on our property. During that week, the goldendoodle got braver and bolder, getting closer and closer to the road- daring us to yell or chase him. The day that Nick connected the fence we were both resting on the back deck (which incidentally, needs to be scraped and re-stained...Spring maybe) watching the dog. He strutted his stuff all the way to the ditch in front of our property and looked back at us, giving us one seriously cocky doggy look, and stepped out towards the road. Nick and I are kinda mean because we didn't yell at him or warn him. All of the sudden he yipps and jumps in the air as if someone goosed him in the bum and hauled ass back across the yard towards the deck- turning every now and then to give the road a dirty look. Problem solved: Saku is no longer interested in what lies beyond the ditch, go figure!

     Nick is back at work. The house is fairly put together. The kids are content. Now what? I feel...like I have spare time?? Good lord, time to give myself a mani/pedi before I remember that I should be doing something...Cheers! xo


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