Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Day Challenge

     Today was boring. Like poke your own eyes out kind of boring. Like change your marital status on Facebook just to get messages kind of boring. Like you could easily daydream for eight hours straight and not miss anything when you snap out of it kind of boring. I think that I have a touch of cabin fever, or Autumn induced anxiety, or restless leg syndrome. Or perhaps I'm stuck in another rut (I am getting fatter so it's harder to climb out of these pesky ruts...). I've become complacent again- content to let life merely happen instead of exerting the effort into making life fantastic; I vow to spice things up a considerably. I love this time of year- the smell and the ensuing crunch of leaves on the ground when stepped on, the bite in the air that welcomes jeans and sweaters out from the depths of closets everywhere, the aroma of chili and freshly baked bread coming from my kitchen. October is therefore the perfect month for me to challenge myself to get off my ass and quite simply put- be more damn fun. Here is my "31 Day Challenge" to do at least one different thing every day of this coming month.

   In October I Will:

1st- Plan a free/uber cheap outing with Nick and the kids
2nd- Take the kids (and maybe the dog if I'm feeling stupid) for a walk down our road.
3rd- Play Wii's Just Dance 2 with Dryden for an hour.
        Speech class with Lynn.
4th- Start and complete a craft project from my "Crafts I Love But Will Probably Never Do" list
5th- Go visit someone I haven't seen in a while.
       Call Neesha just to chat.
6th- Write a letter to a friend.
7th- Decorate the house for Fall.
        Take the dog for a walk.
8th-  Date Night with Nick (Saturdays will soon be reserved for date nights with the Habs so I have to hurry)
9th- Take the kids to the park.
10th- Schedule a play date (for me and/or the kids.)
         Speech class with Lynn.
11th- Visit someone else I haven't seen in a long time.
         Call Karley just to chat.
12th- Dig out my scrapebooking stuff and work on finishing that last album.
13th- Do an outside craft with the kids.
         Write a letter to a friend.
14th- Lunch date with Nick.
15th- Go to McMaze for a wagon ride and pumpkins.
16th- Go for a drive for poutins/ ice cream
17th- Do a Halloween craft with the kids.
         Speech class with Lynn.
18th- Make a "blanket fort" in the living room and set up a tea party.
         Call Ashley just to chat.
19th- Go for a walk solo.
         Write a letter to a friend.
20th- Go visit someone I keep promising an outing with...lots of choice there actually :)
21st- Full on Spa Night: bubble bath, candles, Pepsi, new book, mani/pedi, facial, anything else I can manage before getting sleepy
22nd- Throw our annual B.Y.O.P Halloween Party!
23rd- Go out for breakfast- maybe invite some brave friends to join us?
24th- Have Erica/ Nyesha over for a play date lunch.
         Speech class with Lynn.
25th- Go visit someone, anyone really.
         Take the kids for a walk- definitely no dog this time, I already know it.
26th- Write a letter to a friend.
          Call Marie to chat.
27th- Play Wii with Dryden for an hour.
28th- Start and complete a craft project.
29th- Plan an outing with Nick
30th- Plan an outing with Nick and the kids...and maybe the dog. We'll see.
31st- Go visiting to hand out Halloween goodies to family and friends.
         Take the kids trick or treating with Marie and Erica.

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