Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today is for the women who get up every night to change a diaper, breast feed a wailing baby, expel a monster from under a bed, clean up a puddle of vomit, or sooth the aftermath of a nightmare without complaining.

Today is for the creative moms who stay up until midnight decorating the perfect Sponge Bob birthday cake, DIY coordinating accessories for new outfits for school, make up songs their kids find funny, and who sacrifice their spotless living room for couch cushion forts on a rainy day.

Today is definitely for the women who pull their hair out trying to put a different, delicious, nutritious meal on the table that everyone will eat every night. For the moms who cut the crust off sandwiches, make sculptures out of veggies, who hide flax and chai seeds in everything, who try every day to fuel their kids with enough good food to energize them to conquer the world...or at least the monkey bars.

Today is obviously for the moms who spend their weekends freezing in rinks in every godforsaken corner of the frozen Tundra, for the moms who shuttle between swimming and dance and piano lessons, who remember to bring snacks to T-ball practice, who's ears bleed throughout Junior's first violin recital, who talks to virtual strangers in order to arrange play dates.

Today is the day for single moms to bask in a tiny bit of recognition for the mountains they move with sheer will and stubbornness. Today is recognition for the sacrifice, exhaustion, and sometimes, loneliness they must feel; but its also for the resilience, independence, organization, and determination they exude every day.

Today is for the working mom- who leaves the house every day to earn a living, leave her mark on the world, contribute to the infrastructure of society...and then returns home to make supper, do the dishes, help with homework, pick up cars and trucks, and read bedtime stories.

Today is for those blessed saints currently living with the dreaded teenager. For the moms negotiating curfew, struggling with the balance between protecting them and allowing them freedom to bloom, for the sideways dirty looks they ignore, for the technology they have to endure/pay for, for the time and genuine effort they spend moulding individuals who hopefully won't become assholes.

Today is for moms of special needs kids. For the countless hours spent with doctors, therapists, and specialist, for the hoops they are forced to jump through for funding, for help, for hope. For the sleepless nights that will never end, for the stress and anxiety that comes with every day situations, for the daily struggle to communicate with their child, for the stares and ignorant comments they are assaulted with while out in public, for the family and friends who just don't "get it", for the uncertainty the future holds.

Today is for Moms; for every woman who struggles to do her best, day in and day out, who makes it up as she goes, who sometimes receives little thanks or encouragement. Today is for Moms who won't trade that title for anything.

Happy Mothers Day Moms! 

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  1. You made me cry. This is amazing. I am going to share your beautiful words. Thank You. Happy Mother's Day to you. You inspire me to be a better Mom everyday. You're children are so blessed to have you as their mother. I hope some day soon we can actually sit in the same room to have our conversations. xo