Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ice Cold

Supper Time. Dun dun DUN! (Thats supposed to be scary music- yeah, I'm not great with sound effects.) If you are organized, creative, or a chef by profession- this means nothing to you. Just a *blip* on your every day routine. Me, I frigging hate supper time with the intensity of a thousand Walmart-aisle temper tantrums thrown at once. Two types of scenarios occurs at our house:
(a) It is almost always 4:00 pm when I realize that I forgot to take some type of meat out if the freezer to defrost, or that I haven't done groceries in three weeks and all we have left is dog food. I start getting that feeling of anxiety- like a pair of horny, rabid gophers fighting in my stomach. I then usually panic and start throwing random things in a large sauce pot on the stove, and then keep my fingers crossed that it is edible.
(b) I actually planned something for supper, but after nap time the kids were acting like demons spit up from the fiery pits of Satan's bowels and my meal did not get made. 100% of my time is monopolized by a crying baby wanting to be held non-stop, a whiney three year old who is clearly mad at the world, a developmentally challenged four year old who is engaged in a full body wrap our my left leg, and a dog who suddenly has diarrhea and needs to go outside every 3.8 minutes. On these days, we're all lucky if a box of KD gets made, a can of Chef Boyardee gets opened, or take out is ordered.

This is obviously one area in my life that is desperately screaming out for an overhaul, and some type of system of organization. I spent every afternoon last week rectifying what has become the worst few hours of my day, every day. For five days straight- after putting the three kids down to nap for the afternoon- I hauled ass and did some major cooking. The goal was to stuff my freezer with as many pre-made crock pot meals, and as many frozen suppers as I could. I managed to make 3 Mexican casseroles, 2 chicken casseroles, 4 meat loafs, 4 shepherds pies, 2 batches of meatballs, 3 suppers of chicken chili, 4 suppers of spaghetti sauce, 2 suppers of potato bacon soup, 2 of chicken and wild rice soup, and 2 of beef barley soup. For the crock pot: cranberry chicken and veggies, marinated pork stew, chili, Moroccan lamb stew, and tomato basil soup.

Now, when I am struck with the "What The #%^* Is For Supper?" blues, I have a backup plan that doesn't involve me crying and/or chicken wings and Poutine.

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