Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some like it hot

Who doesn't love a heat wave during our short, much coveted summer? Right now, me- that's who. Our house has two central air units, one that cools the addition on one side of the house, and another that cools the kitchen/dining room/upstairs bedrooms. Last Thursday I was home alone with the kids doing stuff in the kitchen and I could hear this annoying grinding, whirling sound coming from somewhere I just couldn't locate. Sure enough, it was the sad sound of something or another dying on our ac. It would have been better if the ac that cools the addition had died- we could have just closed the French doors and avoided that hot box until the unit was fixed. The Universe, however, hates me and killed the ac that allows us to sleep in comfort. Apparently I seriously pissed off Karma too along the way, because our broken ac neatly corresponded with this latest acid-reflux-from-the-pits-of-hell weather. The furnace guy is coming tomorrow to fix it (a) yay! (b) what the hell do I do tonight? The last few nights the three kids went to bed in their diapers after a bath to cool them down. I bought each of their bedrooms little fans to circulate the 35 degree air in their rooms (their rooms have gorgeous, ornate, crystal fixtures...and now giant less ornate fans. Function over form right now lol.) We've also been lucky that it has either cooled down at night, or there has been an amazing breeze so I can open all the windows upstairs and offer everyone a measure of relief. We were careful to screw in the screens on the windows in the kids rooms- I had horrible visions of our new neighbours calling to informs us that Noelle was dancing on our tin roof. We weren't so careful with our windows. I was passed right out, thanks to the powerful breeze blowing through my room. The dog was snoring away, curled up under the window. Suddenly a big gust of wind popped the screen out of its frame and it landed right on the dog- who in turn thought someone was attacking him and he freaked right out, barking and howling, looking around half-asleep for his assailant. It was funny...until I realized that he woke the children.
It's frigging hot up there tonight. I can't wait to open the windows. I told Dryden earlier tonight that it was time to get ready for bed. He ran around collecting his trucks, his sippy cup of juice, and then pushed a chair up against the fridge and opened the freezer door. "Cold please", he said cryptically. After a lot of guessing I figured out that he wanted to take a bowl full of ice to bed. Smart kid. I let him. Hell, I might even copy him.
Stay frosty my friends

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