Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 32nd Bday To Me!!

A cross section of my birthday:

-Wake up to my alarm; decide I don't need a shower today- sleep for another 30 minutes.
-Wake up. For real this time.
-Get two older kids ready for school; son is whiney (secretly grateful it's not the weekend.)
-Put kid #2 on the bus.
-Put kid #1 on the van.
-Get locked out of the fucking house by kid #3 (thank god I had enough brains to put a coat on before going outside to put Noëlle on the bus. Our keypad lock's batteries are dying, so it took me a good ten minutes to unlock the door. Apparently toddlers think hypothermia is hilarious.)
-Take kid #3 to her first dentist appointment. Bribe her with Timbits. Don't give a shit how counter-productive this is.
-Get kicked in the shin by strange kid at the dentist's. Congratulate myself on not body slamming him à la 1989 Macho Man Randy Savage style.
-Lie about flossing my two year old's teeth daily :/
-Take toddler to Walmart: pass an older gentleman with a long white beard- my kid freaks out, yelling "Santa! Santa!" It was straight out of Will Ferrell's "Elf" I shit you not. Thankfully, he was too old to actually hear her.
-Come home, put sleepy kid to bed.
-Bake my own GF birthday cake.
-Snuggle in front of the fireplace with a Pepsi and new book.
-Promptly get a phone call from the school: "please come get your barfy kids."
-Wake up toddler, go get sickies.
-Spend afternoon with kiddos in the toyroom, watching cartoons.
-Super hubby saves the day by bringing home Chinese food.
-Gorge until I slightly hate myself. 
-No one eats the cake hahaha
-Monitor tubby time while hubby cleans up and does dishes.
-Bath time interrupted by floating poop.
-Wash tub. Re-wash kids.
-Bedtime! {insert music from choirs of heavenly angels}
-Bask in all the Facebook love <3
-Snuggle in front of the fire to blog...and watch a Steven Segal movie :)

A perfect day, imperfections and all xo

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