Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still a Loser

     I went to do my weigh-in yesterday (after missing a few weeks) and I have discovered a flaw in their system. When I weigh myself at home, I do so in the morning before I eat, after I've peed, and before I get dressed. If I'm feeling fat that day I'll also trim my finger and toe nails, blow my nose, and pluck my eyebrows- certainly that should make my lighter as I have very heavy finger nails. When I weigh-in at WW, I'm fully dressed and I've eaten breakfast and possibly lunch. I'm always heavier at WW then I am at home. I tried to demonstartae this flaw and they did not appreciate my efforts. You should have seen the look the lady at the scale gave me when I took off my pants...I guess you lose your sense of humour when you shed your excess weight. I now weigh 169 pounds.

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