Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Love Two

     Where the hell did July go!? I'm fairly embarrassed that I only posted one blog entry for this entire month. In my defense, (or "here's my best excuse" ) it has been a busy month. We've had the cottage to deal with- insurance adjusters, contractors, demos, starting the renovations, dealing with the police who swear they are investigating (bon chance mes amis on that one), calling all the renters and returning their deposits and cancelling the house showings. Also, we've sold our house in Ontario! So there was the house inspection and lawyers to sell our souls to...and now we face the god awful notion of packing up all of our crap and organizing a cross-town move.

     But July has also hosted a milestone for our little family. Dryden turned two; we celebrated with a back yard party with family and friends. It was actually the first birthday where one of our children understood the concept of "birthday party" and that made the day extra joyful and exciting. Watching him open his gifts, bows and curly cues whizzing in all directions, and smile at the candles on the ice cream cake melted my heart into a puddle of emotional mommy goop. I can still remember the day he was born as vividly as though it were yesterday, and not 732 days ago. It was a Saturday. And I had to yell at Nick: "Sober up for Christ sake! I can't drive myself to the hospital." Good times- great memories. Our neighbours had a big backyard bash that day/night and Nick was hammered, clearly not expecting to be called upon to do anything coherent. His father drove me to the hospital and Nick passed out in our room as soon as the nurses made up a bed for him. Super helpful labour coach, he was not. {This time around, there will be a moratorium on booze for the two weeks before my due date.}

       In honour of Dryden's decent into the dreaded Terrible Two's, I have brainstormed all that I love about my very old two year old. Lately, my mind has been anxious and excited for all the things I love about newborns, and it could use a dose of Toddler Love.

- When he falls asleep while eating lunch. I'm a mean mommy- I keep saying his name so he jerks back awake and looks around all confused before his head slowly starts to droop again.
-Tea party time. My kids won't drink plain water unless it is poured from a cheap plastic teapot into an equally cheap plastic tea cup.
-The joy that a transport trailer driving by induces.
-The first time each summer when their bare feet touch the grass; they yank their feet up into a quasi-frog position and look at me with eyes as big as saucers.
-My kids think potatoes are bouncy balls- most days it cracks me up when they find the bag in the pantry and throw them and the dog goes nuts trying to retrieve them.
-When Dryden pretends: chopping fake veggies at the play kitchen; talking on the "phone" aka the battery-less remote control from a long dead TV; vacuuming the floor with a plastic hockey stick.
-Their ability to control the dog highlights my complete lack of ability to do so. All Noelle has to say is "Sit!" and down he goes, sitting all pretty. Dryden simply yells, "No! Mine!" and the dog drops whatever toy he was trying to slink off with. Meanwhile, I'd be chasing the little fucker around the table for half an hour, getting more and more enraged. Either the dog is utterly stupid...or I am.
-Dryden's obsession with gas tanks. We showed him on his big toy car where you put the gas in to make the car run. Now it is impossible to pass any vehicle without him opening the gas tank cover, looking in and proclaiming, "yup...full." Next he'll be kicking every one's tires...
-How awesome he thinks the toilet is. Flushing it brings gales of laughter and clapping.
-He dances at the drop of a hat. Text msg ring tones, McDonald's commercials, singing toys, the dinging the car door makes when left open...
-And he only has two dance moves: The Hop, and The Side-to-Side Shuffle. Both moves are unimpressive really. Actually, he's mastered the two dance moves that all men do...
-How unbelievably fast he gets dirty. Clean outfits go on after breakfast. I turn around to bring the dishes to the sink, turn back and wtf? he's covered in juice, sticky green stuff, pudding stains magically appear like some cheap David Blaine trick and his face is so grimy he looks like a 40 year old coal miner. What the hell just happened in the last 20 seconds??
-His new favorite expression is "Yeeeehaw!" from Toy Story. Cracks Nick up every time.
-He loves giving bedtime kisses. I want to squeeze him every time he stands up in his crib, rubbing his heavy eyes, and reaching out to ensure I don't forget. The terrible 2s will be tolerable so long as a bedtime kiss waits for me at the end of each day xo

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